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Baltic amber is a 40 million years old fossilized resin from trees that overgrow present-day area of Scandinavia and the north parts of the Baltic Sea, which in former times was a landmass. 

It might be referred to as a ‘living’ stone, because it changes its face under the influence of oxidisation and polymerisation.

Amber has a large range of colours. The most popular ones have a colour of cognac and honey, the more original ones are green, grey or even blue. The variety and easy processing that this stone offers is the reason why it can be used both in classic and modern forms in various fields

Fun Fact

An interesting phenomenon is inclusion, that is the occurrence of small insects or plants inside of this precious stone. Such specimen is a great source of information for scientists analysing evolution. What makes us even prouder is the fact that the owners discovered a new breed of a ground bug that was called ‘Aphrophoridae’, a word deriving from Latin. This stone is now in the Muzeum Ziemi museum in Warsaw. 

Amber at the Hotel 

Our interiors are one of a kind because of many amber decorations present in our hotel. There are many photos presenting different faces of amber, as well as a small gallery in a hotel hall with silver and amber makings. During summer season our guests can buy original jewellery and amber souvenirs in our Amber & Silver Gallery jewellery shop.



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