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Animal-friendly hotel

Are you planning to spend your holiday by the sea and don't want to leave your pet at home? Take it with you - Hotel Emocja is an animal-friendly place!

Your pet will surely be happy to travel with you, and the proximity of forest, water and sandy beaches will increase his joy.

When planning a stay with your pet, remember:

When booking your stay, please let us know when you arrive with your pet so that your room is properly adapted for your pet's stay.

Read our regulations (below) concerning the stay of animals in the hotel - you will find there all the most important information.

Facilities at the reception desk:

- water and food bowls

- waste bags

- towels for wiping the legs

- the contact number of the nearest vet


  1. The stay of animals in the hotel requires the approval of the Reception Manager, which takes place during the booking process.
  2. When making a reservation, we ask for the species/race and weight of the animal. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse to accept animals whose species/races are generally considered to be threatening or aggressive.
  3. The hotel accepts healthy animals with health books (the current rabies vaccination and deworming is absolutely necessary). In case of lack of them the number of the veterinarian in Koszalin is available.
  4. The hotel has the right to refuse to accept sick animals.
  5.  The owner of the animal declares that the animal is healthy and does not pose a threat to other people and animals.
  6. Animals should be kept in rooms. Outside the rooms - in public areas, animals must be led out on a leash and be under the care of the owner. In special cases, the hotel reserves the right to impose a muzzle order.
  7. Owners should have their own pet bed.
  8. For the duration of the stay the owner of the animal can rent a bowl or towel at the reception desk. Accessories are the property of the Hotel and are intended for use by an animal in a hotel room.
  9. It is forbidden to use hotel towels and bed linen for pets, staying on the bed and sofas, and taking care of physiological needs in the room.
  10. If the bedding, carpet, mattress or other furnishings of the room in which the animal is staying are dirty (mud, hair) or damaged by them, the owner is obliged to cover the costs of the damage caused at the price specified by the hotel management.
  11. The owner of the animal shall be liable for any damage to the hotel and private property of other guests caused by the animal.
  12. If you leave the animal alone in the room, please leave the tag on the handle on the outside of the door.
  13. For security reasons, cleaning of rooms with pets is only carried out in the presence of the owner or in the absence of the animal in the room. In order to set a convenient time, please contact our staff.
  14. If it is found that an animal left in a room interferes with the stay of other guests, destroys the property of the hotel, or may cause a situation of danger to itself or other guests, the management of the hotel will immediately contact the owner in order to solve the problem. If contact is not possible, the hotel reserves the right to enter the guest's room, also with the possible help of the appropriate services, and to take the animal to the nearest animal shelter. All costs resulting from the above activities are covered by the owner of the animal.
  15. The pet owners are responsible for complying with the hotel regulations concerning night-time silence in the hotel and not disturbing other guests.
  16. There is a ban on introducing animals into the SPA area and the Amber Restaurant.
  17. The owner is obliged to clean up the faeces left by his animal. Faecal bags are available at the reception desk.
  18. The owner declares that he has read the rules of stay of animals in the Hotel Emocja and accepts it.

The price of a pet's stay is 50 PLN/day.

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